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Who are weCPE Calculator and Pen 2

  • reliable partner providing services and advice in tax, accounting and economic fields
  • we focus on complex and comprehensive accounting and tax services
  • we allow you to transfer all of your tax and accounting worries to us

What we offer

  • a complete accounting services:

– Accounting and tax records
– Management of HR and Payroll

  • accounting and economic consulting
  • service auditor and tax consultant
  • monthly reporting as required by the client
  • accounting in the accounting software being and Money
  • payroll and human resources in the PAMICA software
  • remote bookkeeping in MS Navision and KS- program

Benefits of working with us

  • financial savings

– you buy only the amount of services you need

– you do not have to invest in further computer or software equipment for bookkeeping nor there are no further upgrade costs related to legislation changes
– you do not have to pay for the social / health insurance (vacation, trainings etc.) of accountants

  • we allow you to be able to fully focus on your business

– our work is based on mutual trust and cooperation in a friendly environment
– our work is underlined by the guarantee in the form of insurance
– we quickly adapt to the new environment changes in today´s turbulent world

  • reliable and professional partner relationship

– our staff are experienced and trained professionals
– we have gained significant experience from many years of leadership of the economic agenda for companies in different sectors
– we countinualy educate ourselves and improve our work according to the latest trends – this is our credo